Bandar-Gaz is located at the western end of Golestan province, about 42 km from Gorgan. The port is from the north Gorgan Bay و Miankaleh peninsulaIt is bounded on the east by Kordkoy, on the west by Throat and Behshahr, and on the south by the wooded areas of the Moorish Mountains of the Alborz Range.

 The Bandar-Gaz was a major economic and commercial hub of the Strabat region during the Qajar era, with the creation of a Russian-built trade (large warehouse) by the Russians during the reign of Muhammad Shah (1236 AH). Later, in the early days of Nassereddin Shah's rule, he was in commercial contact with Gorgan, Damghan, Shahrood, Mazandaran and Tehran, on the one hand, with Baku and Hushar Khan, Astara Khan, Russia, on the one hand. From this date the migration from the Russian cities to the port of Banders began.

To facilitate trade, the Russians built a long kilometer off the port of Bandar-Gaz and a lighthouse that was dumped on the outskirts of Russian ships, then transported to the shore by Letka (Russian-language boat). On the other side, goods from Mazandaran, Shahroud, Damghan and Strababad were transported to Russia. A few years later, Belgian experts built a bridge between the Russian naval depot and the beach, which was used until the 1949.

With the construction of the national railroad and its entry into Bandarqaz, freight transportation to other parts of Iran became easier and the trade boomed; but a few years later with the establishment of the city Bandar Torkaman, And the establishment of its large seaport, as well as the seawater retreat on the Port of Banders, led to a period of declining commercial and economic prosperity of the Ports. From that point on, the majority of the population turned to agriculture.


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